“You are BADASS… There is feel. We all know what it is. We all long for it. And we all work hard for it. But sometimes it’s just not really there. I can make it appear to be there with a lot of keystrokes and fool everybody, but it’s not the same for me.
Every track has a depth and pocket and cool.  It’s an honour to work on this record.”
– Trina Shoemaker (Queens Of The Stoneage, Cheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris)

“Josh is always my first port of call whenever a bass player is needed in the studio and he’s done an amazing job on countless sessions and albums. He just picks stuff up so quick, and he can adjust his great feel to any genre you could mention. A brilliant player and a lovely guy too!” – Richard Neuberg (Producer at Strawhouse Studios)

“Whenever I need bass done right I call Josh. I’ve been working with Josh for years and I haven’t heard anyone else that can produce his level of tone or pick things up as fast he does. He also always has a remarkable insight into how to improve a project and has always been incredibly helpful along the way. A consumate musician and professional, Josh always proves a fantastic addition to any project , regardless of genre. He’s also really easy to work with and a great guy.” Rushil Ranjan (Creative Director at Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and The Fusion Project)

“Josh Rigal plays bass with a flair for grooviness. He can swing, shuffle or do the steady 8 thing whilst all the time staying locked. He excels at picking up new material and will stay simple or get creative with equal skill, He’s great both in the studio and performing and has some top quality gear and instruments. He’s reliable, punctual and super easy to get on with. I highly recommend him.”Glenn Skinner (Producer of Lighthouse Family, Boy George, Waterfront, Debbie Harry, and Deborah Bonham)

“Having Josh in the studio was an absolute pleasure, everything from his preparation, technical knowledge, performance and musicality was above and beyond our expectations and made the whole session extremely enjoyable and fun! Josh not only nailed exactly what we were looking for in a session musician, but gave us fresh perspective on parts and ideas and helped us develop the songs even further. His playing is beautiful and was the perfect balance of giving us what the client was feeling, and also creatively coming up with options and ideas. Would highly recommend him for any studio sessions and would love to have him back in!” – Sam Winfield (Producer Studio 91)

“Josh is known in Oxford and beyond as a player with not only great technical chops but the ability – a rarer thing – to step into a session with an instinctive sympathetic understand of what the music needs. Those qualities were on full display during the sessions for our record The Traitor Shore, and we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend him to anyone.” Abe Davies (Reichenbach Falls)

“Recording with Josh was great — he’s a solid player whose parts are always well considered and most importantly support the song. I would definitely recommend him and also look forward to working with him in the future.” Sam Smith (Alfred Abel)

“Josh Rigal still is and has been with me for over the past 5 years: this probably says it all about this great musician.”Franck Ash (The Franck Ash Band, [rhythm guitarist for] Screaming Jay Hawkins)

“Josh is easily among the best bass players I’ve been fortunate enough to play with in Nashville, the UK and home in LA, guys who’ve played with Johnny Cash, to Ryan Adams, to Taylor Swift. His intrinsic sense of melody and locked-in groove are precisely what glues tracks together and lifts them to another level.  And his ability to pick up a song essentially-immediately and add such tasteful movement, punch and soul is remarkable.  Josh is truly a world-class talent and a decent guy, all said.  Apart from being cool to hang with, his contributions to my entire record are immeasurable.” Doug Levitt

“Josh is an excellent bass player, and approaches projects with a professional and conscientious attitude. He can pick up a bass line quickly and add nuance to it while remaining sympathetic to the intent of the track. Strongly recommend!”Eloise Rees