I offer a range of teaching services both in person and on Skype.

I teach all ages, styles and can help improve in areas such as:

  • – Improvisation
  • – Sightreading
  • – Ear training
  • – Music theory
  • – Technique
  • – Rhythm

[I also teach beginner guitar and ukulele]

Read some testimonials from students below:

“Bass lessons have been great – inspiring, enjoyable but also providing great foundations.. We’ve seemed to be able to cover the technique and theory without resorting to dry exercises, using the examples from great bass lines, so you’re learning whilst playing – eg. “What Stevie Wonder can teach us about the major pentatonic”… He’s taken a lot of time to tailor the lessons to what I’ve wanted to achieve. We’ve used suggested songs for technique, but also complemented this by using the numbers our band are working on to develop other skills – sight reading, picking out and recreating a bass line by ear, improvisation… from complete beginner to developing as a performer – everything from Rage Against the Machine to a classic 12 bar Blues. Would highly recommend!” – Nicola

Josh has a great relaxed and supportive teaching style. He helps you develop at your own pace while always encouraging you to make progress.” – Amanda

“Josh provides great bass lessons, helping to develop everything from improvisation to music theory. I’ve been inspired by these lessons and have really taken bass up – I’ll be studying popular music at university next year.” Gabriel (age 18)

Excellent bass teacher. Every lesson is fun and enjoyable. I have learnt many new techniques that enhance future lessons and make playing bass much more fun.” – Alfie (age 15)

“I think Josh is a good teacher because he gets my daughter excited about playing, by letting her choose music she likes, and his rewards scheme for practice really works!” – Eve

“Learning with Josh is fun – I’ve learned loads of new stuff like new chords… I definitely recommend him to anyone else willing to learn…” – Alex (age 13)