“Josh is a really thoughtful and hardworking engineer. He truly cared about getting my mix to a place where I was pleased with it and he brought exciting ideas into the track that I could have never imagined myself, but made it much more dynamic and interesting. He is an all-around pleasure to work with and a great partner to have.”

– Kevin Shoemaker (Dandelot)

“I recently got him to mix our new record also which is due for release later this year… an absolute stellar job. He has a great ear and is a lucky addition to anyone he works with. I hope me and him have years left in our relationship.”

– Krissy Matthews

Yo, I needed a last minute mix and asked this dude, he calmed me down and underpromise and overachieved, he did a clear, crispy and awesome mix for me within 24 hours, I could submit a super professional mixed song for a sync opportunity. I hired him also for some bass work later on. He got the groove definitely. This guy is a true blessing and I’m a regular client now. You can’t go wrong with Josh. Peace

– Marco Thomas

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